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The age isn't direct risk factor of cialis sample erectile dysfunction. Considering that disturbance of a potency is often caused by such diseases as, for example, cardiovascular and endocrine, that detection and treatment of these diseases usually happens sufficient to return a potency. Besides, inspection which has to answer the most important question is necessary - whether the erectile mechanism of a penis is kept. If safety of this mechanism is broken, then surgical treatment is required. If safety of this mechanism is broken slightly, then restoration of normal sexual activity and an erection by means of reception the erektogennykh of drugs is possible. If the erectile mechanism is completely kept, then elimination of disturbances from psychoemotional, hormonal and other systems causing disturbance of an erection will allow to restore its natural mechanism completely. And the earlier the man addresses on reception the expert, the changes in the erectile mechanism of a penis and degree of erectile dysfunction will be less deep, the treatment will be less labor-consuming. In an arsenal of the andrologist there are powerful tools of fight against this disease. 1. Erektogenny drugs. It drugs which provide the maximum inflow of a blood to a penis at the time of sex exaltation and provide satisfactory quality of an erection for carrying out sexual intercourse. It as medicinal molecules, such as viagra, levitra, сиалис and zidena, as well as series of vegetable drugs. 2. Drugs of male sex hormone - androgens. If age deficiency of male sex hormone of Testosteron-Depotum is the reason of erectile dysfunction, then restoration of normal level of this hormone in a blood allows to restore also normal erectile function. 3. Psychotropic drugs, antidepressants, a psychotherapy, a partner seksoterapiya at a psychogenic form of erectile dysfunction eliminate neurosis of expectation of failure and a depression, restore the lost libido and an erection. 4. Vacuum and vakuumno - konstriktorny therapy allows to restore a circulation in a penis and to restore an erection at any form of its disorder. Special attention should be paid to surgical treatment of cialis sample erectile dysfunction. If erectile dysfunction is bound to congenital defects of venous system of a penis owing to what congenital "venous leakage" is formed, then elimination of a pathological venous drainage restores a natural erection. If erectile dysfunction is bound to a sclerosis of cavernous bodies against the background of a diabetes mellitus, an arterial hypertonia, a serious chronic illness or tobacco smoking and any medicines of treatment are noneffective, implantation of special devices in a penis which will give the chance qualitatively to carry out sexual intercourse is shown. It is about cialis the falloprotezakh - plastic and inflatable.