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Saturday, February 25th 2017  

Universal Diagnostic Toolkit is the complete solution for PC diagnostics, combining the Micro-Scope software for troubleshooting all hardware functions, and the Post-Probe for diagnosing the 'dead' PC that won't boot.

Universal Diagnostic Toolkit

The Universal Diagnostic Toolkit is a combination of two PC diagnostic tools: the Micro-Scope PC diagnostic software and the Post-Probe for troubleshooting ‘dead’ PCs.

Post-Probe is a universalpost reader for detecting the POST or Power-On Self Test codes put out by the BIOS during boot-up. A complete listing of the POST codes for about 40 BIOS versions are found in the manual, which also includes beep codes and a diagnostics section with references for specific hardware failures. A quick look will pin-point the cause of even the most obscure problems in the non-booting computer. Post-Probe is the only post reader card that includes a PCI card and ISA card combined.
Customer Quotes

“The Micro-Scope 2000 Universal Diagnostic Toolkit has been an incredible investment for my department. It has saved us money and time trying to troubleshoot a downed system in our network, that is beyond software issues. This is the second Toolkit we have purchased. I bought a Universal Kit 4 years ago and don't know how much time was wasted trying to resolve hardware issues that the Universal Diagnostic kit resolved in a matter of seconds. Systems only are on our shelf for seconds instead of hours trying to narrow down hardware issues. Your tools are incredible and invaluable to helping us better troubleshoot systems here.”

Jeffrey M. Rogers
Network Administrator
Pohanka Automotive Group
Salisbury, MD

For computer diagnostics, Micro-Scope is the tool preferred by more professional technicians, government agencies and Fortune 500 companies than any other PC diagnostics software. It has its own bootable operating system for the most accurate benchmarks and diagnostics. There are separate routines for cache memory diagnostics, expanded and extended memory diagnostics, motherboard diagnostics including CPU tests, complete port testing, modem diagnostics and more. Micro-Scope's memory testing and hard drive testing are considered the industry's most advanced.

Micro-Scope utilities include a variety of benchmarks, low-level formatting, hard drive editing and monitor alignment tools. The Secure Wipe feature provides privacy and security by erasing all traces of data from a hard drive.

Together, the components of the Universal Toolkit provide everything you need to diagnose any PC, dead or alive.


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