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Saturday, February 25th 2017  

Success Stories

Dave's PC/VCR Clinic

J. David Dearing

On a recent trouble call, the customer complained that their computer would not boot. Using the POST-Probe card I was able to diagnose the trouble to be in hard-disk initialization. Then booting from the Micro-Scope floppy, I determined that the problem was in the hard drive controller card. I replaced the card and was outof that job in less than an hour. I know from past experience that the Universal Diagnostics Toolkit saved me time and aggravation. I'm glad I had it with me on the job!

On several other occasions, the accurate listing of the actual IRQ/DMA assignments has saved time and frustration when upgrading or adding hardware to systems. I really appreciate that, and use it frequently.

Thanks for the useful, time saving, and most of all, ACCURATE tools!

Mid-South Computer Services

William L. Johnson

Mid South Computer Services is pleased with the Universal Diagnostic Toolkit we recently purchased from Micro 2000. The Diagnostic Tool Kit has proven to be very effective in analyzing defective PCB, Memory, COM ports, hard drives, and IRQ conflicts.

We recommend this product to anyone who is in the field of servicing computers and also for field engineers who are looking for a quick and effective tool to resolve computer problems

Again, thank you for the opportunity to express our appreciation for your products.

Zephyr Architecture

Gary W. Weishaupt

The package arrived today and I have already put it to use. Excellent Product. I should have bought it a year ago.

Advantage PC Diagnostics

Eric E. Fredericksen

This product is a godsend. It has proven its worth hundreds of times for me. You should be proud of yourselves for designing a tool so advanced and easy to use. I have been in the PC repair trade for many years and have not seen a tool this well thought out.

Cuillier Career Center

Stanly Bejma

As a member of CompTIA, Cuillier Career Center trains students from four different High Schools on how to repair and maintain computers as well as network technology. We are a Jefferson Parish Public Career Center. The course not only covers the theory, it provides hands on experience so the students are also prepared for entry level positions and the CompTIA A-Plus and Net-Plus certification tests. The course is two years, which each year having a total of 180 contact days, at 3 hrs per day, for a total of 540 hours. Our entire School is a chartered member of SkillsUSA VICA and every year since the conception of the Computer Repair contest we have had students enter the regional, state, and nationals in Kansas City. Since I have been teaching comuter repair and network techology, in both High School and our local Community College, Micro-Scope has been my first choice for diagnostic and we are now using version 9. Micor-Scopes ability to identify and analyze many different peripherals has been an invaluable teaching aid that has helped the students to successfully diagnose and repair many systems, which through normal troubleshooting procedures would be very time consuming. And as we all know, time is not only money, it can be the difference between a businuss succeeding and failing.

Our students have truly benefited by having the oportunities to use a professional and well written diagnostic program. The Micro 2000 training tapes and software have played a major part in my ability to prepare the students to paricipate successfully in the local, state, and national competion.

Would I recommend Micro-Scope? You can bet your first cup of coffee in the morning, that I would not start my day with out it. I recommend any school or business that is involved with the repair and maintanance of computer to not be left behind, make Micro-Scope part of your diagnostic tools, I know you wll never regret it.

Berea City School District

George Viebranz

The teachers and kids love the materials. This is our first week teaching the course (for the first time) and it's one of the coolest things going. Kids are actually excited about school! They are using your books and MicroScopes along with some of the other Thomson resources to work in teams to actually rebuild and design a server-client network.

Thanks for all of your help. I'll certainly be sharing this info with other tech coordinators in Ohio.

Prompt Computer Consultants, Inc.

Stephen F. Saunders, Sr., C

We are very pleased with your product and most IT Departments stand in awe when we diagnose their issues quickly, especially when they have spent days trying to figure out what's wrong. Keep up the great work and keep us posted. Thank you.

Intercontinental Manufacturing Company

Keith Rogers

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