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Saturday, February 25th 2017  

Product Features

New with version 3.1! Help Desk – the console now has the capability to create helpdesk tickets to improve troubleshooting request, assist technicians and print detailed ticket reports.

New with version 3.1! Remote Task Manager – From the main console you can see remotely the status of the programs that are running and end programs that have stopped responding from the clients. You can also assess the activity of running processes and also see graphs and data on CPU and memory usage.

New with version 3.1! Sub-Console has been given access to inventory features, reports, uninstall and can upgrade the software installed.

New with version 3.1! Inventory - fixed the problem of disable function and are able to select multiple objects to modify custom data value while setting the default value, improved custom data field settings. The Interface has more options to fulfill operations.

New with version 3.1! 30 seconds wait time to close the deploy window after software distribution ends.

New with version 3.1! Run log - Add Contact error information in Client log, add contact error information in Console Log.

New with version 3.1! Remote Configuration - Modified buttons and menus in toolbar.

Already great features on previous version include:

Wake on LAN – Turn on computers to manage or deploy packages right from the Console and with only a few mouse clicks.

USB Device Detection & Alarm - The plugging in and unplugging of USB devices, including USB storage devices, can be detected to help businesses secure sensitive data.

Remote Control – From the Console, the administrator can instantly take control of any Client PC. An image of the Client’s monitor display appears on the Console, and the Console’s keyboard and mouse can be used to do any action that could be taken at the keyboard of the Client system itself.

  • Shared Control Mode: Allows the Client to be controlled from either end
  • Watch mode: Clients are controlled only by its own mouse and keyboard, but the screen is also displayed at the Console. In Watch mode, up to four Clients can be monitored at same time.

File Distribution – Files can be copied between the Console and Client, or moved around on either system, with just a couple of mouse clicks or using drag-and-drop. It is also possible to copy a file from the Console to multiple Clients simultaneously.

Remote Software Deployment – This feature not only copies the software to one or many remote systems, but also installs it. The administrator can do this in real-time from his desk, or in many cases can schedule the installation to run unattended at a later time, typically during off hours when the Client systems are not being used.

Software deployment is a very useful timesaver when many systems in the network need a new application, a patch or an update of anti-virus software.

Inventory Management – The Console keeps a complete inventory of hardware devices and software programs installed on each client. The inventory is kept on the Console so it’s available even in the event of Client failure. The contents are searchable, making it easy to locate systems containing specific hardware, software, or even file types such as MP3.

Reporting – Any information in the Console database can be easily collected in customizable reports that can be printed out or exported into many different formats to use in other progrms. There are approximately 40 format variations available from a drop-down list. The program also maintains activity logs.

Remote Task Manager – Without taken control remote of a client PC you can just connect to it and see all process and applications running directly from task manager. Start or kill a process with only one click.

VIP Clients - The VIP client feature allows you to install a permission-based Client on workstations for senior management, Accounting, Human Resources or other sensitive systems to maintain data security. The VIP Client requires the user’s permission to allow the Console to access and perform any RemoteScope functions.

Instant Messaging & Conferencing - Create chat rooms or virtual conferences. Instant messaging allows users to send a message to the Console when they have a computer problem, or, you can broadcast a message from the Console to alert users of the need to reboot a server.

Group Administration - Organize Clients in convenient configurations independent of network domains or workgroups.

VB Script Creator - For unique situations, use the built-in VB script generator to create your own automated or real-time tasks.

Auto Detect Clients – RemoteScope scans your network based on a network configuration segment allowing new clients added to the network been detected automatically.

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