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Saturday, February 25th 2017  
RemoteScope - Remote Desktop Management

RemoteScope 3.1 is a cost effective, comprehensive and time saving remote administration software program for managing PCs over a network. The time saved from having to run from one PC to another can be a great benefit. Add this to smooth functionality and seamless installation and RemoteScope 3.1 is a clear winner.

Customer Quotes from Remotescope V3.1 Clients

"Thank you for your aggressive pricing for Baldwin-Whitehall School District.

I’m looking forward to moving to the new version in my environment."

Tim Winner, MS., MCSE
Technology Director
Baldwin-Whitehall School District

"On the whole, this is remarkable software, and I'm extremely pleased with it.:)”

Karla Lucas
Sheridan County Health Complex

Painless Rollout – More than any other feature, customers say that the time and aggravation saved in distributing software around  the network is the biggest benefit they have seen with RemoteScope. Setting up the distribution job is quick and intuitively simple regardless of network size, and the software can be rolled out immediately or scheduled for an unattended install at the most convenient time. Reported savings range from $350 to $2800 per year, per PC, for this one feature alone.

Security Updates – Many customers have said that prior to RemoteScope they were simply unable to keep up with the latest security software, especially updates of anti-virus software which ideally should be done every week or so. Some of them had suffered serious losses as a result. Having to physically go from one system to the next, updating a few hundred computers every week would be a full-time job for several technicians, not to mention the disruption to users. Using RemoteScope’s ability to schedule an unattended install during off-peak hours, the problem becomes trivial.

Instant Inventory – RemoteScope maintains an inventory database of hardware and software installed on each system in the network. This data is collected from each system itself. It can be viewed instantly and updated almost as quickly, making possible a real-time inventory with no personnel cost and no disruption of production.

Efficient Distribution of Resources – Are licensed applications distributed where they are most needed? How many copies of the most important productivity software are  up to date ? If an application is going to be added or updated, Is the hardware able to run the new version? (enough memory??) These are good questions to ask before buying software, and easy to answer with RemoteScope’s instant inventory feature.

Centralized Management – This one is a little more nebulous and no two companies seem to experience it in exactly the same way, but there are many potential benefits from having one central point that provides a finger on the pulse of every PC in a LAN. With just a couple of mouse clicks any PC can be silently monitored or completely controlled remotely. Instant messages can be sent to any PC or any group of PCs. Files can be instantly distributed as needed to individual users or workgroups and conferencing or ‘chat rooms’ can be established with any group of users. And the list goes on.

Reduced Downtime – The time between reporting a problem to the IT department and getting the PC up and running is not only time lost for the technician and the user, but quite often has a ripple effect throughout the company as deadlines slip. Reported downtime improvements typically range from 15% to 40%, depending largely on how widely distributed the network is.

Manpower Efficiency – Elimination of the time previously spent running from one PC to another. Saving man hours can be seen as time – which is money as they say. There’s also the added benefit of being able to use the time saved in order to give attention to other areas of an organization… It’s very rare these days where IT personal have not enough to do and talents can be better utilized than running from one PC to another.

Eliminate Second Trips – Much of the delay, especially in off-site repairs, is from the ‘second-trip’ phenomenon where the technician uses the first trip to determine the exact problem and the hardware and software involved, and a second trip with the supplies to actually make the repair. In many cases, the second trip can be eliminated using the inventory data and remote monitoring capability of RemoteScope.

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One Customer's Story

"We purchased it for our campus last year since we only have 2 staff on-hand to deal with technology support [desktop management] for over 700 computers. We have it loaded on a networked server and are able to use it for:

1) PC Anywhere type troubleshooting - we can actually link to a computer on the network and either take control of it or share control with the user. This has helped us set up printers, show how to use software products, teach staff a quick tip or two, install software updates, etc.

2) Get inventory information about all software used on the computer. Recently we used it to find out how many users have the old Adobe Acrobat Reader software on them and then we were able to use step one to load the new version on them. We can also keep an inventory of all of our software use and license tracking using the software. It takes only a few minutes to gather all the data which can be exported into Excel or an Access database.

3) I have used it to load software from a CD in my drive to the computer across the campus. This has saved a tremendous amount of time.

There are lots of other uses for it that we haven't even managed to have time to use yet but it seems to be a really valuable tool once you get it. There are scripts you can set up to run a group maintenance or update overnight that will even allow computers to "wake up on LAN" for running programs.

Overall we have been really happy with the product. Now we can run a lot of our tech-support from our offices without having to physically move to the users' machines. "

Joel Adkins
Curriculum Integration Specialist, Westlake HS/NGC



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