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Saturday, February 25th 2017  

Post Probe is a universal post reader for ISA, EISA, PCI or MCA, all on one card.  Displays POST BIOS codes to quickly diagnose and repair a 'dead' PC that won't boot.


The Universal Post-Probe is apost reader card for diagnosing any Ďdeadí PC that wonít boot up. Just plug the card into an empty slot of the ISA, EISA or PCI bus, turn on the system and in seconds receive a diagnostic code to pinpoint the exact cause of system failure, derived from the PCís own Power-On Self Test or POST.

Although other vendors give you a choice of either a PCI card or ISA card, Micro 2000ís Post-Probe is the only one to combine a PCI card and ISA POST card on the same card to diagnose a dead computer whether itís ISA or PCI, with a single tool.

The Post-Probe includes a manual with complete tables for the POST diagnostic codes of approximately 40 BIOS versions, which includes all common PC BIOS manufacturers and many of the uncommon ones. Each POST code listing also contains a reference to a diagnostics chapter that explains the particular hardware function causing the error. A section on beep codes is included.

Post-Probe is available separately but is usually combined with Micro 2000ís Micro-Scope PC diagnostics software in a product called the Universal Diagnostic Toolkit. This is the complete PC diagnostics solution, for troubleshooting any PC, dead or alive.

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