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Saturday, February 25th 2017  
EraserDisk is the utility to completely clean a hard drive, including a low-level format.  Erase all data so the drive can be declassified and confidential data is protected to the highest published government standards.

EraserDisk OEM

OK, so here's something that can be very useful for PC end users, VARS, resellers and Builders.

Its a little security program called Eraser Disc from MICRO 2000. You can use it to clean off hard drives when it comes time to pass a machine onto the next user or want to de-commission a hard drive. If a hard drive is not sanitized correctly there's a lot of data that can be lifted from the magnetic surface of the drive and used by criminals to either use for Identity theft or merely sold onto someone who does steal peoples identities professionally. I probably don't need to tell you the effects of identity theft can be devastating.... I had a friend who spent two years fighting to regain his credibility in the credit world. His Credit cards were cancelled and he was very frustrated over this period. I have not seen him since that time and I can only hope he got it sorted out. I am also very happy it wasn't me.

It is now a well documented fact that old computers can contain people’s personal information and it is also a well documented fact that a lot of people do not thoroughly de-commission these drives when the time comes for disposal. Most computer users have no idea what needs to be done to clean a drive properly. I would also hazard a guess that a lot of technicians working in the PC Repair field would not be fully conversant with this concept either.

So it behooves the person with knowledge in the field to educate and help the lay person with the correct handlings for these situations!

The Department of Defense discovered through their own investigations that to fully sanitize a drive and they came up with a specification which basically states that it takes no less than 7 rewrites to erase fully the data on hard drive. A low level format is equal to 1 pass. So 6 passes and one low level format will totally erase all evidence of data on that drive.

This brings up the good concept of insurance for the end user. The end user can feel safe that they now have a solution against identity theft.

This brings about opportunity for VARS, resellers, PC manufacturers, retail stores and service and repair type companies.

They can purchase Eraser Disk as a program that resides on the hard drive and can be initiated by the user whenever the end user is ready to dispose of the PC.

It looks like this on the PC: (in these particular screen shots, the name of the product has been changed to suit the needs of a high-street retailer in the U.K. with 250 stores)

The Retailer or VAR may also have their own name placed on the product to assure customers that the retailer is taking care of their future needs and not just the here and now. There are many marketing ideas that can be built around the concept of "care" also and these ideas can be used to build market share and confidence.

Buy EraserDisk Now.


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