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Saturday, February 25th 2017  

About Micro 2000

Micro 2000 Inc. was founded by CEO Rob McFarlane in 1990 to provide professional quality computer diagnostic tools for PCs. At that time, diagnostics were available for main-frames and minicomputers, but good PC diagnostics were virtually non-existent.

The first product was Micro-Scope, which immediately garnered a Byte Magazine User’s Choice award and became the best-selling product of its type in the industry. Through constant innovation Micro-Scope remains an industry leader to this day. Micro-Scope was followed by Post-Probe, the POST reader plug-in card for troubleshooting a ‘dead’ PC. The latest versions of these two old pros can be found in the Universal Diagnostic Toolkit which no self-respecting PC technician should be without.

Since that beginning with successful PC diagnostic tools, the company has gone on to add several training courses including CompTIA certification for A+, and new tools for remote admin and remote control, sterilizing hard drives, assembly line burn-in and USB testing.

Meanwhile, the company’s basic philosophy remains the same. Micro 2000 is dedicated to providing our customers the finest state-of-the-art products of their kind available in the world, and always at an affordable price.

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