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Saturday, February 25th 2017  


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RemoteScope is a remote administration tool that makes managing your network of workstations fast and easy. RemoteScope's feature rich, desktop management tools give you total control over your network.

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RemoteScope Desktop Management Software allows network administrators and help desk technicians to stay at their desk and manage PCs distributed around the network.

The software consists of two modules. The main module is called the Console, and it is installed on the network administrator’s desktop PC or wherever it is most convenient for the administrator to use it. The other module is called the Client, and it is loaded on each PC on the network that the administrator will want to control using the console. >More info

Micro 2000 is one of the first companies to recognize the need for PC Diagnostic Tools and has remained a leader in the industry for over 19 years.

New MicroScope v.16 (Quattro) PC Diagnostic Software has over 250 test routines to quickly and accurately troubleshoot PC hardware. System board tests, hard drive tests, burn in, memory tests are just a small sample of the tools provided to troubleshoot PC’s and fine tune the performance of any system.>More info

Get MicroScope on a USB Flash Drive - New MicroScope v.16 on a Stick >More info

Universal Post-Probe is a post reader card for diagnosing any ‘dead’ PC that won’t boot up. Just plug the card into an empty slot of the ISA, EISA or PCI bus, turn on the system and in seconds receive a diagnostic code to pinpoint the exact cause of system failure from the PC’s own Power-On Self Test or POST. >More info

EraserDisk erases all the data on the hard drive. Erasing hard drives before they are discarded or donated is essential in preventing your personal or corporate data from getting into the wrong hands. Just deleting files or formatting the hard drive does not remove the data from the hard drive. Use EraserDisk to insure that your data is completely and permanently erased. (EraserDisk provides security beyond the DoD 5220.22-M standard. Site licenses are available. >More info


Micro 2000’s CompTIA A+ Certification course includes all the materials needed to study for and pass the CompTIA A+ Certification course. Unlike other A+ certification courses, Micro 2000 also includes the MicroScope PC Diagnostic kit to help you get started troubleshooting and fixing computers right away. >More info

"The teachers and kids love the materials. This is our first week teaching the course (for the first time) and it's one of the coolest things going. Kids are actually excited about school!"

~ George Viebranz
Berea City School District

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